Dr Paul Roberts

LMC Advisor

Dr Scott trained at St Bartholomew’s in London and has been a GP principal in Newcastle since 1992. Over the years he has led teenage pregnancy prevention work, led nurse triage and GP training for North Staffs Urgent Care Council, worked out of hours, been a Clinical Lecturer and WONCA presenter, led community projects, become a GP and FY2 trainer, been a GPSI in substance misuse and LMC member. He has received Health of the Nation and RCGP awards and has had Leadership and Management training.

In 2011 he became Chair of North Staffs LMC and together with the LMC secretary, serves on the Federation board as the voice of core GPs. He is passionate about the true essential role of general practice, its sustainability and its development across the whole of Northern Staffordshire. This is against the background of the left shift of work into the community, hybridisation of the workforce and financial challenges. He remains an optimist, pragmatist, negotiator and when needed – fighter for general practice. Any spare time involves cycling, dinghy sailing and skiing, with the odd film thrown in.