“The freedom offered by being a Physician Associate is great. Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent are at the forefront when it comes to being a PA; none of the other internships that exist provide the teaching aspect and the fact that you can work in both primary and secondary care is fantastic. PAs can offer a lot to a GP practice or other NHS healthcare provider; likewise, the teaching, training and supervision you receive in this patch is excellent.”

Elita Unyolo
Physician Associate – Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship

“I have found the internship to be a valuable experience and a core aid to help me further develop as a Physician Associate. I am currently working full time in General Practice. I have become confident in diagnosing and managing patients. The internship is perfect for newly qualified Physician Associates to help build upon experience and knowledge. The internship has highlighted the need for more Physician Associates to help with the workforce in the NHS. My practice has embraced me as their first Physician Associate. I have been able to help reduce appointment waiting times with GPs. I am currently seeing unfiltered Pre-book appointments, as well as on the day urgent appointments. In addition to this, I do home visits and help with the workflow by interpreting blood results for the practice. The broad skill set and generalist training is an asset to any field in medicine, especially primary care.”

Sanya Parveen
Physician Associate – Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship

“I have been part of the 12 month Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship and currently in my fifth week. I was firstly interested in this post as it offers exposure into two clinical areas, primary and secondary care. Thus, providing introductory experiences to both capacities and highlighting the different patient needs and care provided. Additionally, the weekly teaching sessions with other individuals involved in the internship appealed to me as this offers ongoing support and training. This enables the sharing of experiences into different primary and secondary care providers.  I have been well supported by all members of staff involved in the Internship. “

Katie Griffiths 
Physician Associate – Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship

“Our PA is doing brilliantly, very pleased at how she’s settling in. Having now worked with her she’s already well ahead of where I expected her to be….  A real credit to her training and her own professionalism.”

Dr James Ward
PA Clinical Supervisor in General Practice

“Our PA has settled in really well. This role is new but the practice has found it easy to welcome a new role into the team, testimony to the PA’s enthusiasm. A supportive induction has been vital but now we have moved to the PA having their own patients it has allowed some independent working. We’re starting to gradually develop other roles such as residential home support, computer searches to improve quality of care and holistic management of our over 85’s. I think the role of a PA will definitely been asset to Primary Care.”

Dr Alwyn Ralphs
PA Clinical Supervisor in General Practice

“All the staff have been positive with his feedback and he gets on with seeing the patients quietly, confidently and more importantly safety nets and seeks advice where appropriate.   He has a named supervisor each day [weekly timetable] so he knows who to speak to for advice and I think this is really important.  We had a good thorough induction whereby he sat in with team members as well as GPs so as well as clinical learning it has also forged relationships.  I think this is also very valuable and also enabled Pete to get ready for seeing patients independently.  He joins in with the staff at lunchtime during ‘downtime’ and, again, I think this is conducive to his learning and development and embedding himself in to our very close knit team.”

Julie Stokes
Practice Manager

 “Our PA has settled in very well with the primary healthcare team; being accessible throughout the day to her colleagues.  She is enthusiastic to make a difference and is making an impact on our GPs time by assessing and offering assistance to both our longer term condition and frailty patients.  “

Beccy Smith

“This is the only programme like this in the UK. In the relatively short time since it was launched, we now have 17 Physician Associates working across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, with more on the way – all of whom are helping to bolster general practice, acute and mental health care locally. That’s extremely rewarding for me and a real feather in the cap for the local system here.”

Alex Strivens-Joyce
PA Ambassador – Shropshire & Staffordshire