Homeless Health Service

‘’We provide Holistic Healthcare to those experiencing homelessness’’

In October 2019, the Federation in partnership with Brighter Futures and Stoke-on-Trent City Council launched the Homeless Health Service.  Last year the service expanded and is now also covering Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The average life expectancy of someone sleeping rough is only 47 years and it can be difficult to support these complex people into effectively using mainstream services.  The aim of the service is to take support directly to the homeless individual. In partnership we provide a safe, confidential space with no referrals – allowing access to vital services when needed.

Our service starts by nurturing a positive, mutually respectful, relationship with each individual.  Once trust and some success is achieved the wide skills of the whole team are used to support the individual in making different life choices.

The Federation provide four staff members, Jane Morton, Rachael Swift, Joanne Edwards who are all Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Sue Herman a Healthcare Practitioner.  Working in partnership with Brighter Futures also allows an additional team member, Jason Lawler who co-ordinates care and is responsible for the Community Outreach Vehicle.  The team are active in the community, to ensure our Homeless population have access to good quality healthcare.

Via the Community Outreach Vehicle we provide a mobile clinic in the most relevant areas across the whole of the City and Newcastle-under-Lyme.  We have a clear timetable of where we will be throughout the week that is known by all partners and provides good cover across the whole of the area.  We also work very closely with the University Hospital of North Midlands (UHNM) in both improving the discharge processes for Homeless / Rough Sleeper patients to prevent readmission and minimising unnecessary A&E attendances.

Homeless Team

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