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Trainee Nurse Associate Apprenticeship Programme – A Staffordshire Wide Approach

We are a group of 7 Trainee Nursing Associates (TNA) who began our training in the September 2021 cohort of several universities, employed by North Staffordshire GP Federation. Each TNA is based at a different GP surgery
and attends a different university depending on geographical location. The recruitment process began in May 2021 with interviews and subsequent offers of employment in June 2021 ready for a September 2021 start. This centralised employment model has worked collaboratively and on behalf of the PCNs across Staffordshire and utilised the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme. This unique programme has given us the opportunity to achieve career goals as an adult learner without the financial barrier and burden.

Download TNA Case Study - September 2021 Cohort for the full article.


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